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cardiovascular disease

Alagille Syndrome May Cause Significant Cardiac Anomalies, Even Without Liver Involvement

Alagille syndrome, a genetic disorder inherited in an autosomal dominant manner, typically involves pathology in multiple organs, including the liver, heart, skin, and bone. Liver disease usually receives the most attention because unresolved liver disease often requires liver transplantation, but cardiac disease is also a significant part of the Alagille syndrome phenotype. “Complex cardiac disease…

vessel with red blood cells

Managing Cold Agglutinin Disease and Other Hemolytic Anemias

Hemolytic anemia is characterized by the premature death of red blood cells, which is often caused by antibodies attacking them. If the autoantibodies are produced by the host, the disease can be labeled autoimmune hemolytic anemia—one type of which is cold agglutinin disease. “Autoimmune hemolytic anemia has always been considered the simplest and most scholastic…

fat cells and connective tissue

The Relationship Between SMA, Adiposity, and Fatty Acid Metabolism Defects

The current state of our quest to better understand spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) has led scientists to consider the non-neurological pathologies attributable to survival motor neuron (SMN) deficiency. An area that is the subject of intense research is the relationship between SMA and fatty acid oxidation metabolism defects.  “The current therapeutic SMA landscape is at…

Chess pieces on a chessboard

The Management of MS Can Be Like a High-Stakes Game of Chess

What goes on inside the head of doctors when deciding on the best course of treatment for a patient with multiple sclerosis? In Therapeutic Advances in Chronic Disease, Inojosa and colleagues likened the decision-making process to a highly strategic game of chess, with the ultimate aim being to “checkmate” the disease. “In current times with…

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