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All public places should be made wheelchair accessible. Period. It’s 2022, and I can’t believe that, as a limb-girdle muscular dystrophy (LGMD) patient, I still have to worry about whether places are going to be accessible or not. Anytime I get invited somewhere or want to go to certain places, I have to make sure I can get in—and there have been plenty of times that I couldn’t.

There are all kinds of people that come in and out of a church building, so every church should be made accessible. Even if it were not built to be accessible, eventually the work should be done to make it accessible.

Not only should churches be made accessible but there are plenty of other places that could be made more accessible. For example, I dislike when I go to public places and I have to drive my chair all the way to the end of a sidewalk where it’s a flat surface to enter a building. Not too long ago, I went to a beauty supply store and I had to drive my chair a good distance just so I could get in. 

I still have to be on the lookout for cars that could be entering the parking lot or someone could be backing out of a parking spot. It’s dangerous because what if someone could not see me? All places should be made accessible so that I don’t have to drive my chair a distance to find a flat surface.

I remember years ago when I was taking college classes and we had a fire drill. The professors were acting as if they did not know what I would do if there was a real fire. Thankfully, there was no fire but what if it were one? Thinking about it makes me sad because the disabled community seems to always be left out, even when it comes to our safety.

Not only are public places not being made accessible but houses are not really made for us either. House hunting is hard because so many houses have stairs or a stump outside before entering. A lot of times I can not fit my chair through some of the doorways. 

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When living in a house, I have to make it as accessible as possible by finding different equipment online to suit my needs, such as getting a ramp to get in and out. I wish houses were built for disabled people because it would make it so much easier for us. We deserve to live comfortably in an accessible home.

Everyone is not made the same. And even if no one was born with a disease some people get injured and still need places to be accessible. Think of the many people who have become wheelchair-bound due to being in an accident. Or what about the elderly? As long as we are alive we are growing old so places should automatically be made as accessible as possible for when the time comes and people can not climb stairs anymore.

My hope is that one day all places are made accessible. It’s hard arriving somewhere thinking you are going to get inside a place and you can’t. Or when people tell you everything is accessible and it’s not. Then there are times when I have been told that a place was going to have the work done to make it accessible and it never gets done. It is so frustrating on so many levels but I hope it changes soon.