A new study evaluating the safety and efficacy of exa-cel (CTX001) in adults and adolescents with severe sickle cell disease (SCD), βS/βC genotype (HbSC), will be started.

After myeloablative conditioning with busulfan, the interventional study will administer exa-cell to 12 participants aged 12 to 35 years in a single infusion through a central venous catheter. The primary outcome measure will be the proportion of participants with a mean fetal hemoglobin of at least 20% on or after 6 months.

Secondary outcomes include adverse events, neutrophil and platelet engraftment, transplant and all-cause mortality, vaso-occlusive crises, hospitalizations, transfusions, pain levels, and quality of life, among other measures.

To be included, patients must have the βS/βC (HbSC) genotype and be eligible for autologous stem cell transplantation.

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The study is expected to start in January 2024, and the estimated completion date is December 2029.

Exa-cel is a genetically modified (CRISPR) cell therapy that alters a specific point in the DNA sequence of a gene that codes for BCL11A, the protein that stops the production of fetal hemoglobin after birth.

The US Food and Drug Administration is conducting a priority review of a biologic license application for exa-cel for SCD and a standard review of the gene-editing therapy for transfusion-dependent beta thalassemia. A decision on the application for SCD is expected by December 8, 2023.

Similar applications are being reviewed in the United Kingdom and the European Union.

Sickle cell disease comprises a group of rare, inherited blood disorders characterized by alterations in the structure of hemoglobin leading to sickling and early death of red blood cells. It is caused by a point mutation on chromosome 11 in the gene that codes for the beta subunit of hemoglobin.


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