Patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) who attended an intensive 3-day physical therapy boot camp made measurable progress in regaining lost functional capacities and improving their quality of life, according to results detailed in a press release by NeuFit.

The boot camp program utilized a neuromuscular electrical stimulation device called Neubie® and coupled it with functional activities, strengthening, and balance exercises to improve the efficiency and speed of signal transmission from affected nerves to the targeted muscles.

This boot camp took place at NeuFit headquarters in Austin, Texas, where Garrett Salpeter, founder and chief executive officer of the company developed the Neubie device with his team.

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The 3 physical therapists assigned to each patient applied the Neubie device as a treatment following the NeuFit Method, a 3-step protocol designed to optimize neuroplasticity and self-healing of the body.

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The 3 steps included in the NeuFit Method were “Identify,” “Reset,” and “Breakthrough.” The physical therapists assessed the patients with MS to identify their specific problem areas using manual muscle tests for strength, as well as nervous system mapping using the Neubie.

Following the identifying step, the therapists reset or re-educated these problem areas using manual therapy techniques and neurological stimulation through Neubie.

Patients with MS who attended the boot camp commented on the life-changing experience. “Neubie = New Life,” a patient said, according to the press release. Another remarked that Neubie was “the best hope for my recovery and revival of my abilities that I have ever had.”


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