A preclinical study testing the efficacy of an experimental multiple sclerosis (MS) treatment called Lucid-MS showed improvements in diseased mice, compared with placebo. The results were announced by FSD Pharma, the developers of the treatment, which also launched a short video summarizing the results.

The video shows that diseased mice that received 1 mg of Lucid-MS had improvements in clinical score and functional recovery within a 50-day period, compared with animals that were treated with saline as a control. For example, the clinical score of 1 animal treated with Lucid-MS was 3 on day 3 of treatment and 0.5 on day 42. (A lower clinical score indicates a healthier condition). The video also shows that at the end of the 50-day period, the same animal looked and behaved like a healthy mouse.

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“Lucid-MS has demonstrated the potential to prevent the degradation and help re-establish myelin which is evidenced by the functional recovery of mice as well as immunohistochemistry in this study, and several other studies in preclinical animal models,” said Lakshmi P. Kotra, PhD, chief executive officer of Lucid Psycheceuticals Inc., a subsidiary of FSD Pharma, in a press release.

“This effect holds good promise for further development as a potential treatment for MS, and the biochemical mechanism of Lucid-MS represents a potential industry first in treating MS. We are eager to advance Lucid-MS to the clinic as quickly as we can.”

Lucid-MS is a patented new chemical entity that affects protein citrullination and myelin structure and that is thought to be neuroprotective. Citrullination is the conversion of arginine into citrulline in a protein. The immune system can attack citrullinated proteins and lead to autoimmune diseases such as MS, which is characterized by demyelination and neurodegeneration.


FSD Pharma unveils videos demonstrating positive effects of Lucid-MS in treating multiple sclerosis in pre-clinical models (mouse models). News release. FSD Pharma; December 2, 2021.