The company icometrix received a Medtech Innovation Briefing (MIB) from the National Institute for Health and Care Evidence (NICE) for their multiple sclerosis (MS) decision-making tool called icobrain, as published in their press release.

The icobrain is an artificial intelligence (AI)-supported magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) analysis and data-driven care management tool.

“This NICE MIB is an acknowledgment of icobrain as a leading competitor in the field of AI-supported MRI analysis and, more generally, data-driven care management with potential to enhance the standard of care for people with MS in the UK and beyond,” said Klaus Schmierer from Queen Mary University of London and Barts Health NHS Trust in the UK.

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“In MS, it is crucial to detect disease activity early for best-informed treatment decisions and outcomes. In addition to clinical scores, neurologists rely heavily on MRI to make therapeutic decisions. Hence, there is a significant need for sensitive and accurate MRI indices,” Schmierer said.

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The icobrain utilizes FLAIR/T2-weighted white matter hyperintensities and T1 white matter hypointensities to detect and quantify lesions and their dissemination in space in patients with active relapsing-remitting MS, according to the MIB. The software also monitors brain volumes and changes and compares them to age- and gender-matched populations without MS to aid in decision-making and disease progression tracking.

“We are thrilled by this MIB recognition from NICE and the experts in this field,” said Wim Van Hecke, founder and chief executive officer of icometrix.

“We are proud to lead digital health innovation in the field of MS (and neurological conditions in general), with this first MIB in the field of MS,” Van Hecke concluded. “We all know that digital health technology is a crucial component of personalized medicine in neurology, but the importance of clinical validation cannot be underestimated.”


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