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The Challenges and Impact of Living With Systemic Mastocytosis

When clinicians speak about “health-related quality of life,” they are trying to quantify something that is quite unquantifiable; how can the grief upon receiving a life-altering diagnosis, or the burden of lifelong hospital visits, be justifiably measured?   Nevertheless, efforts to understand the disease and treatment burden that a patient carries is a step in the…

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Managing Systemic Mastocytosis in the Long Term

It is now more possible than ever for us to characterize the life experience of an individual with a chronic or incurable disease—understanding the complications that may arise along the way, when they may arise, and the best evidence-based methods to address them.  In recent years, increased funding has flowed into research that stretches over…

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The Unseen Disease Burden of Systemic Mastocytosis

In recent years, studies focusing on the impact of rare diseases on the quality of life of patients have proliferated; systemic mastocytosis (SM) is no exception.  In Cancer, Mesa and colleagues write about the patient burden of SM based on results of the TouchStone Healthcare Provider Survey. Commenting on the state of medical literature surrounding…

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