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sinal muscular atrophy

Understanding Spinal Muscular Atrophy: Recent Clinical Insights

There have been several recent publications related to spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). Below is a summary of some pieces that add to our understanding of the disease. Identifying Modifiers of SMN Proteins A study out of Bethesda, Maryland, published in Cell Reports, aimed at investigating the mechanisms by which survival motor neuron (SMN) proteins are…

Hagit Baris-Feldman

Israel Emerges as Global Powerhouse in Rare Disease Research

When it comes to rare disorders, Israel—a New Jersey-sized nation of 9.3 million that’s made headlines this year for its highly successful coronavirus vaccination campaign—is clearly an emerging powerhouse. 

spinrazaa protest

Advocacy Groups, Scientists Lobby for Worldwide Newborn SMA Screening

When Gennadiy Ilyashenko’s daughter, Sophia, was born, she looked like a healthy, happy baby.  But after Sophia failed to meet certain milestones, like being able to sit up by herself, Ilyashenko took her to the family’s London, England pediatrician, who told him “she’s just a lazy baby, there’s nothing wrong with her.” Yet Sophia’s condition…

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