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Does Telemedicine Have a Future Role in Treating Neuromuscular Diseases?

Telemedicine, or the ability to conduct some physician consultations online, is having its moment. Envisioned by pioneers as the next revolution in promoting medical access, its popularity soared during the COVID-19 pandemic, when movement controls were initiated in many parts of the world.  Today, regulators, physicians, and patients agree: telemedicine is here to stay. The…

Hagit Baris-Feldman

Israel Emerges as Global Powerhouse in Rare Disease Research

When it comes to rare disorders, Israel—a New Jersey-sized nation of 9.3 million that’s made headlines this year for its highly successful coronavirus vaccination campaign—is clearly an emerging powerhouse. 

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NORD Recognizes Progress in Fight Against Rare Disease With 2021 Rare Impact Awards

Under COVID-19’s lingering shadow, the National Organization of Rare Disorders (NORD) has presented its 2021 Rare Impact Awards to 24 pharmaceutical firms, researchers, politicians, and nonprofit groups for their efforts over the past year on behalf of patients with such illnesses.

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