Diana Diez Gaspar, PharmD, PhD

Diana Diez Gaspar, PharmD, PhD

Diana earned her PhD and PharmD with distinction in the field of Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the Universidade do Porto. She is an accomplished oncology scientist with 10+ years of experience in developing and managing R&D projects and research staff directed to the development of small proteins fit for medical use.

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Multiple Sclerosis Histology

High-Efficacy Therapy Reduces Relapse Frequency in Active Secondary Progressive MS

Research published online in Neurology found that high-efficacy therapy is more effective than less potent drugs in reducing the number of relapses in secondary progressive multiple sclerosis (MS). But the study found no difference in the speed of disease progression between high- and low-efficacy therapy. Patients with MS are typically diagnosed with relapsing-remitting MS and…

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